Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Harvest Time

When we moved in I wanted a garden so I had one roto-tilled and then I did nothing with it. The kids came and there was no time to get out there to do weeding, etc. This year I was determined to grow a garden. I put in random potatoes that I got from friends, carrots, corn, radishes, spinach, and sunflowers. Well the sunflowers didn't come up but the rest did. It's getting pretty late in the year so I'm under the gun to get the carrots and potatoes out. I was going to do them this past weekend but the rain prevented that. I dug them last night and washed them up in the garage.

Nothing reminds me of being a kid more than the taste of carrots right out of the garden with a bit of dirt still on them. I'm going to assume the dirt helps me get vitamin B12.

Got the potatoes out and washed. Here is the whole harvest.

Not as many potatoes as I expected but I probably threw away 5 or so pounds because they were green from the sun. I'll have to do a better job of hilling them next year.

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