Monday, October 05, 2015

Deer Mounts

I'm not an avid hunter but I've gone every year for about the last 7 and I'm finally getting a couple mounts done. My father-in-law does taxidermy as a hobby but I think his work is better than most professionals I've seen.

I shot this whitetail deer in 2010 and the mount is almost finished. He's got to do some touch ups and final work but it's almost there. Five years is a long turn around time but I can't complain about free work. It's well worth the wait.

Last year I got drawn for mule deer and shot an amazing animal. I was about an an inch away from making the provincial record books for that year. You need to score 175 and mine scored something like 173 5/8, so it was pretty darn close.

A photobomber jumped into the second picture there. He's going to be out hunting soon I suspect.

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