Friday, October 16, 2015

The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

We cleaned out some old locations at work and found some goodies. Some were interesting but useless like the original manual for an IBM XT PC from 1983 and a manual for MS Basic from 1982 but the money was 4 IBM model M keyboards.

Those are basically the holy grail of mechanical keyboards. Buckling spring switches make for some awesome tactile feedback and some great sound to annoy your co-workers. Luckily they were the PS/2 versions so it's pretty easy to adapt them to modern computers.

I've got a reputation at work for being a keyboard snob. I can't help it if a quality keyboard makes typing a little better. I use a Das Keyboard Professional S at work with brown Cherry switches. I've put o-rings on the switches to dampen the sound a bit. I think it's at a livable level but if they ever complain about the noise I'll just start using the model  M and they'll forget all about my browns!

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