Friday, October 02, 2015

Bird feeder post

A recent visit to my fathers place and his plethora of bird feeders has got my son and I interested in feeding our local birds. I've got one of those metal shepherds hooks in the yard with a couple feeders on it but I'm not terribly happy with that. My wife got me on pinterest a little while ago and I found this:

I liked the idea but I didn't really like the design so I decided to make one out of all wood. Here is the work in progress:

It's all cedar and held together with deck screws. I'm going to use one of those steel 4x4 post spikes to anchor it to the ground. I figure that way I don't have to dig a big hole and if I want to move the post later I can.

Last night I put the first coat of stain on it and tonight I'll do the second. I hope to get it setup on Saturday afternoon. I'll post some pictures of the result.

Friday edit. All stained up. I'll try to get it setup tomorrow.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon but I was determined to get some work done. So after doing an oil change on the car I figured it was time to setup the bird feeder post. I think it came out pretty well.

The chickadees found it right away and surprisingly took some of the peanuts. The blue jays came soon after and my peanut feeder is 1/3 gone already. A successful project if you ask me and including bird feeders came in about $50.


Unknown said...

Well done!

Dianne said...

Awesome job Zack.