Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Birthday supper!

Tomorrow I get to go to Montana's for supper. Lindsay is taking me out for supper. It should be great. I wish I could afford to go out for meals more often. I like to try different things. My mom took me for east indian food for my birthday. We went to the Taj Mahal on Broadway. Man is it good food. I've had Samosas and Nan bread before but this was so much better. One weird thing tho... I didn't poop right for a couple days. I figured it would go right through me. O well, it was worth it.

I've been told that as Canadians we eat out too much. I work with a Chinese woman and she was talking about that one day. There are quite a few people at my workplace that go out for lunch every day. She can't understand that. Well to tell you the truth I can't understand how they afford it. She also told me something else that was interesting. When we (Canadians) go for lunch we pay seperatly. She found this to be unusual because where she is from if you ask someone to go out for lunch it is assumed that you are paying. That could get quite expensive.

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