Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Canada's worst drivers

Is anyone else afraid to go out on the road now? I know I am. I can't believe how bad some people can be. Faith-Ann has had 37 reported accidents, one of the other girls' plates cost $9000 per year. Honestly how does she even have a license. The worst part is her parents pay for her plates. Maybe if she had to pay it she wouldn't be so indifferent about hitting things. Her friggin body shop is on her speed dial. The little asian guy is horrible at driving. He can't even backup in a straight line. Or the woman from Medicine Hat that took 15 minutes to parallel park and hit the other vehicles 17 times! I know I'm not a perfect driver. I have some bad habits and I used to drive like Bob on the show, but atleast I have some driving skills. I've also mellowed out a lot. I'm worried about winter now. As a country we need tougher drivers testing standards. Maybe an actual driving school would be a good idea. They leave the teaching up to the parents of the kids with learners licenses. What if the parents are like the people on this show? How many people do you know that took many many tries to get their license? Just because you can fake your way through a 15 minute road test doesn't mean you are a good driver.

Anyways people, stay safe and try to stay warm :D

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Anonymous said...

I heard that Edmonton Drivers are the worst in North America!!!