Thursday, October 20, 2005

Coleman Heater

I finally got my Coleman 518B heater in the mail. It works great but I need to clean it up a bit. It will make a nice addition to my small collection and will round it out quite nicely. I need to find someone with an ice fishing shack to test it out... and maybe catch some fish.

Now if I could only figure out what is taking my valve so long to get here from the states. I'd like to get that lantern running. I've got a new generator, I've painted the frame and I have new glass for it. All I need is the valve to get it going.

I also have the joy of learning that I need to go for some blood tests. I had my yearly physical yesterday and my doctor wants to test my cholesterol and my thyroid. Its funny everytime I see him he goes "Hmmm... your thyroid feels a little big. We should check that." And everytime I tell him that its already been done. He wants a baseline on my cholesterol so he said they might as well check my thyroid while they are at it.

To add to the excitement today our email was out. The building that houses our email servers had no power all night so by this morning all the UPS batteries were dead and we had no email or website. I think that almost everyone in the 2 buildings phoned or came by my office to tell me that their email wasn't working. Ah well atleast tomorrow is friday.


James said...

Well Zack if you need to go and get some blood work done go to a Gamma -Dynacare and mention my name to get a good needle without them digging it around. LOL....
Just kidding about that. They all do a good job.

Gotta see those lanterns the next time I'm over.

Zack said...

Yeah? That works out good becuase I was actually planning to go there. I don't know if I'll manage the 12 hour fast before I get the blood taken. That could be hell. ;)