Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Brrrrr its cold out there

It is -6C with a windchill of -11C and its pretty cold out. Its really funny how we get acclimatized over time to winter. -6 is damn cold right now, but come February it will be T-shirt and shorts weather. In January if it warms to -25 we'll think "do I really need gloves today?" but in November at -25 we've got a tuque, a parka, big mitts and boots on. All I know right now is it's cold to work in the garage even with a propane heater. I'm trying to do some painting so I would like to keep it at 10 degrees, but that can be a struggle.

One good thing is I should be getting a valve for my Coleman 200 soon. Once I get that I'll be ready to put it back together. I've got the fount cleaned and polished up, the frame is cleaned and painted, a new generator is on its way and I've picked up a new globe and mantle. I can't wait to fire it up, too bad it might be too cold by then. It might still light but it will be a challenge. The brand new generator should help.

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