Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Long weekends

Ah too bad the long weekend is over. I was thinking that the top 3 things I like about them are 1. 3 days off! 2. The week before you have something extra to look forward too. 3. The week after is only 4 days. Its great.

I had a busy weekend. I went to the hockey game that I mentioned already. I re-did the weather stripping on the front and back doors. Natural gas might go up as much as 41% this winter. Yay. Time to get a wood stove.

Also like most people we had thanksgiving supper. As usual it was amazing. I ate so much I had trouble breathing. Its a damn good thing that I wore sweatpants.

I found out today that the valve for my lantern shipped today. I absolutely can not wait to get it. I want to get that lantern running. I've put lots of money and time into it. I want to get the damn thing back together. I also found out where my heater is. I bought a Coleman 518B catalytic heater and I waited, and waited, and waited for it. No heater. wtf? I emailed the guy and found out the postal outlet didnt put enough postage on it and it came back to him. So hopefully it shipped today and I should get it in a week. For $5 I just hope it works. Course part of me hopes it doesn't work so I can fix it. :) My next project is that Coleman 118 desk lamp I found in my grandpa's basement. It was his Dad's so I think he'd really appreciate seeing it running again. I can't belive is is almost 80 years old. I am curious to see what kind of a stuggle it will be to get it running.

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