Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I was poking around the hard drive on my iBook and stumbled across this picture.

Its been a while since I've done any wardriving but I thought this was an interesting map. Its the north end of Saskatoon. All the network names in green are unprotected. Its amazing how many people are either ignorant or unconcerned about wireless security. Its so easy with WPA now. Just use a password. Of course you have to make it hard to do a bruteforce attack on it so don't choose a dictionary word.

"why should I care about who uses my internet connection?"

Cuz, dumbass, people can use it for bad things. You want someone spreading child porn through your connection? Or how about seeing your resume that you have on an open share on your computer? I've seen people with unprotected wireless and whole drives shared out on multiple computers.

"its too hard."

RTFM. Please. I'll wait... Ok now log onto your router and set a password. Now turn on WPA and come up with a hard password. Now type it into your laptop. Wow that was hard wasn't it.

"I still can't figure it out"

Wow. There are millions of tutorials out there. Start caring about what goes on with your stuff.

Ok I think that's gone on just long enough. Have a good night everyone.

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