Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hockey Hockey Hockey!

I'm getting pretty excited about going to watch the Canadian womens team crush the USA team at Sask Place. Olympic hockey is great. I would rather watch that or World Juniors than the NHL. I would rather see skill than guys kicking the crap out of each other and delaying the game. But I'll still go see a NHL game if I get the chance. I'm interested to see how the new rules will speed up the game. I haven't watched any of the games yet. Well I did catch the shoot out but thats it so far. I would like to go see another Oilers game this year. I'm hoping to go see them play Vancouver in Edmonton, I just have to come up with the money. Decent seats are almost 100$ plus the gas to get out there. So its a $300 trip. I had so much fun last time though. Plus I was on tv last time. That was great. Now that the CBC is back to work, maybe it will happen again. O well time for sleep. Tomorrow is Friday!

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