Thursday, October 13, 2005

Colour blindness

I had my eye appointment today and verified that I have a slight red-green colour blindness. I had suspected this for some time as my grandpa's brother was colour blind and he suspects that he is himself. I was looking at some tests online for colour blindness and noticed that I failed them. My doctor showed me today that I most likely am a bit. I didn't want to pay for the all out test with an official diagnosis but I failed the screening tests. I thought that was kinda interesting. According to him less than 1% of females are colour blind while a whopping 8% of males are. That's a pretty big difference between the sexes. Apperantly if I go on to have a girl for a child she will most likley be a carier of the gene.

More importantly I found out that my eyes are starting to stabilize. Since last year my right eye has changed by a quarter point. Not nearly enough reason for changing lenses. I still have 20/20 vision with my glasses. Hopefully I can look into laser surgery soon. The worst part was I had to pay $82 to find out that nothing has changed. Thats the worst part about my new job is not having eye coverage.

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