Monday, October 24, 2005

Car Repairs

Well I finally figured out where the anti-freeze was going. My car has had a slow mysterious leak for almost a year. I could never find where it was coming from and I was a little worried it was going through the engine. A little bit being burned inside the engine isn't a big deal, but if anti-freeze gets into the oil then you have problems. You can start to throw bearings and rings. Not to mention the fix is usually replacing the head gasket. Thats not easy or cheap in itself.

Anyways the leak seems to be coming out between the block and this sensor housing on one of the heater lines. I went to VW today and got a new O-ring for it. Hopefully that will fix it because it looks to be an easy change and it only cost me $0.80. If it is the housing that is cracked, who knows how much that is worth.

For the time being it looks like I am driving the truck around. I wonder how long I can afford to do that :). I don't know when I'm going to fix the car because I have to work outside and its getting cold out. I have to do an oil change soon so I might wait until then. Luckily I can do the oil change down at Hub Automatic where my uncle works. So thats warm and on a lift. If I don't have too large of a wait I will just wait until then and do it in the warm.

Until next time.

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