Thursday, October 20, 2005

Did the whole city go retarded today?

Man its hard to believe the uproar one Star Pheonix story can create. Today on the front page of the paper was a poorly worded story about movie companies planning to stop releasing new movies on VHS. Now everyone thinks that they are going to stop making blank VHS tapes. Too bad the story isn't freely available on the Star Pheonix's website but anyone in Saskatoon can go read the paper to see what I mean. One of the first sentances says that companies are going to stop manufacturing VHS tapes. It goes on to talk about the movie companies stopping manufacturing VHS and stopping releasing new movies on VHS. Now they don't really manufacture the tapes do they? So now everyone and their dog that didn't read the whole article thinks that they'll have to stock up on VHS tapes or buy a DVD recorder. Ok now stop and think about this. Really. How long could you still buy Betamax tapes? You can actually still find them. Or audio cassettes? They are plentiful even in a world where almost everyone has a CD-RW drive and really try to think about how many people you know that still use tapes. I can't think of anyone. Even my uncle who refuses to accept new technology has moved to CD's. Oh wait my grandpa, who is 77, still uses tapes for in his truck. Thats a stretch because he will never ever have a DVD player. Back on topic, are they going to stop making blank VHS? Yes. 20 years from now. How many of you own DVD players? Ok and they are only now starting to plan to not put movies out on VHS. Now how many of you have DVD recorders sitting under your TV? Hmmm... not too many hands went up on that one. I wonder how much of a fight they would have if they decided not to make blank VHS tapes anymore.

What is the lesson that we learned today? Don't believe everything that you read or hear on C95 The guy that you respect as a god, you must because you believe everything that he says, is just a normal human that can mis-read crappily written articles. You know what, don't even believe this. I could be wrong. I know its hard to hear but I could actually be wrong. But, and its a big but, I would put more money on me being right than to think that the VHS tape will dissapear from the earth next year. Just think of how many old things you can still buy. I can go out and buy a LP (thats a record or a big black looking CD thingy to all you young people), a betamax tape and a card for an ISA slot for a computer. They don't even put ISA slots on new motherboards but I can still buy cards. That tech is also atleast 30 years old. When was the last time someone talked about their betamax player? I haven't actually seen one in 10 years and you can still get the tapes.

OK people? Did you read all that? Do you understand that the little guy talkin in the radio is actually a human being? Have you ever heard the saying "Garbage in, garbage out."? It means that if someone says "guess what I heard on the radio" go and find out for yourself. And for heavens sake stop just reading the headlines and actually read the whole article. Wow that was a long rant. But it is just so stupid.

Guess what I just read online. They are going to stop selling gasoline next year becuase they can make hydrogen cars now. Go tell your friends becuase you probably just believed that too.

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Anonymous said...

okay i admit at first i thought what zack has said about every other person in this city....but still is it a bad thing to have a dvd player? NO They aren't putting out VHS tapes for NEWER movies in video stores so for those of you who dont have a dvd player it isnt as huge of a thing as you think but if you want to rent a new movie...your screwed!